Manage end-to-end flow of your lending business with Instamoney

Products and Benefits

Receive fund from lender

Let your lenders send their investments to you easily.

Disburse loans to borrowers

Let your lenders send their investments to you easily.

Collect repayments from borrowers

Eliminate manual detection of your borrowers’ repayments.

Manage lender's bank account

Open and manage bank account for lenders instantly using RDL.

Manage flow effortlessly

Excecute your transactions securely with Instamoney Escrow APIs.

Reconcile all transactions easily

Reconcile all your transaction details from lenders to borrowers easily with Instamoney Dashboard

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Check out our API documentations and start integrating. Feel free to reach out to our Sales team if you have any questions during integration!

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Once you’re ready to go live, we’ll send you our KYC informations and once all the paperworks are done you’re good to go!

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